We believe in maintaining a workforce

that is qualified, motivated and dedicated.

Working at E2E

Our strong team of 800 people has experience working in various airlines and freight forwarding industries. We believe in investing in training and development of this strong team to enable them to reach their potential. Our seriousness in this area is simplified in this fact that in 2010 we acquired an HR company which on its own has 8500 people on its payroll and turnover of over $15 million.

Our company policy desires that in case of a new vacancy, we offer it to a suitable candidate from within the company. In the event of non availability of such a person, we recruit one from the market. Hiring is based purely on merit and without any gender discrimination. It involves a series of tests and interviews. After successful completion of Hands-on training, the person is entrusted with the job he /she was hired for. From then on, it depends entirely on the individual’s performance; how quickly he/she moves up the ladder. e2e also offers specialized training and development opportunities for its employees.

Handsome cash incentives in the form of commission are available to the Sales, Marketing, and Operations staff. There are shining examples in the company to prove that dedication, loyalty and hard work do pay.

Depending on the position in the company, attractive salary/perks packages are offered. Apart from that we also offer medical insurance to our employees.

If you think that you want be part of our team of motivated professionals, you could apply to the Human Resource department at

Inspiring Leaders of the Future

Our Management Trainee Program is designed to prepare the future leaders of e2e from the most talented graduates, through a series of structured and development programs that brings out the best in you.

Management Trainee roles

Selected through a transparent recruitment process, the company shall train individuals through a structured training program to be the future managers to take the company to the next level.

The attributes and competencies for Management Trainee roles are set out below

  • A high degree of initiative, resourcefulness, flexibility and a self-motivating approach to achieve both business objectives and personal success in order to succeed as a senior manager.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively through oral, written and presentational skills.
  • Good team working skills and the ability to work effectively with staff at different levels of the organization
  • Out of the box thinker, creative& innovative.

Selection Process:

  • Initial interview
  • PI/PLI test
  • Team interviews
  • Pre-prepared report and / or time limited presentation on a particular topic or problem
  • A formal interview completes the process.

Recruitment to Management Trainee Program is open to all below the age of 25 years [on 01-Jan-2013]. To find more about our progressive Management Trainee Program, please log onto our website or call 111-323-726.

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