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e2e Logistics Company (ELC) Private Limited supports the prosperity of society through its logistics business and is also an advocate of corporate social responsibility (CSR), based on its belief in contributing to the realization of a sustainable society for the next generation.

We give our employees reasons to be proud of the way e2e demonstrates responsibility for Corporate Responsibility and Health, Safety & Environment.

Carbon Emissions:

All our vehicles are Euro 2 certified because we care about the environment.

Green Logistics:

  • e2e is dedicated to minimize the social and environmental impact on operations
  • We continually seek to adopt best practice and apply technological innovation and improvements
  • e2e has strict vehicle maintenance schedules, training and fuel-efficient driving programmes
  • Quality programme including meeting or exceeding the ISO 9001 certifications requirements


e2e Logistics Company (ELC) Private Limited is committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant internationally accepted environmental legislations.
  • The prevention of pollution and to minimize wastes along with Manage its activities to minimize adverse environmental effects
  • Communicate and ask its employees and contractors/vendors to comply with its environmental policies.
  • To seek to improve its environmental management practices based on international industry trends as far as possible.


e2e Logistics Company (ELC) Private Limited is committed to and values the health and safety of all of its staff and anyone working under its control. e2e Logistics Company (ELC) Private Limited will make every endeavor to provide safe systems of work for its staff working within & outside its offices, whilst traveling, at construction sites and at client or vendor’s premises. In doing so, it encourages both human and financial resources to help ensure that safety is an important part of doing business.

In order to achieve that it performs the following:

  • Comply with all relevant occupational health and safety Acts, Regulations and Standards that are universally practiced especially in Supply Chain Industry that includes prompt reporting of all incidents of illness/injury.
  • Consult with its staff and personnel working under its control on matters relating to occupational health and safety.
  • Provide instruction on safe working practices at our sites.
  • Ensure everyone understands and accepts to comply with e2e Logistics Company (ELC) Private Limited’s policy.
  • Facilitate a prompt recovery from an illness or injury by providing health insurance coverage.
  • #GiveGreen

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