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Afghan Transit Trade

e2e Afghanistan formed in 2009 with just 4 people staff and an office in Kabul; our Afghan transit trade department has grown immensely to become a dominating player in 2012. We now have 4 offices with 80 employees in Afghanistan, namely: Kabul, Kandahar, Hairaton and Mazar-e-Sharif supported with Container terminals on all locations these locations with total storage capacity of 4000 TEUS.

Our Afghan Transit Trade Department is keen and energetic; equipped with extensive knowledge on policies, trade routes and competitive rates. With offices in major cities of Afghanistan we have managed to build strong relationships with Ministries, Customs and local trade authorities.

Primarily there are three categories in this business. Commercial, Non-Commercial (NGO/Diplomatic/UN/Afghan Ministries) and Military/NATO.

We can offer full range of services which includes:

  • Deliveries from Islam Qila (IRAN-AFG Border)
  • Sher Khan Bandar (Tajik-AFG Border)
  • Hairaton (UZBEK-AFG Border)
  • Torkham/Chaman (PAK-AFG Border) .

All associated services in this process can be listed as below:

  • Movement of reefers and project Cargoes.
  • Port Clearance/release at Karachi. (any Terminal)
  • Transportation to border cities. (Peshawar / Chaman)
  • Customs processing at Borders (Torkham / Chaman)
  • Customs processing in AFG at main ICD (inland Customs Depot at borders and inside AFG) mainly at Jalalabad/Kabul/ Kandahar/Sher Khan Bandar and Hairaton.
  • Doc processing at US Embassy/Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ministry of Finance.
  • Exemption Processing (If shipments are free of duty and taxes or privileged)
  • Export from Afghanistan via Pakistan ports.
  • In-transit Satellite Tracking, this service is offered to all customers. (Optional, additional charges will incur)
  • Containerized storage of Goods in AFG (Kabul/Mazar/Hairaton and Kandahar)
  • Empty return and export to Pakistan Sea Port terminals.

Project Handled so far:

  • Ministry of communication 277 containers
  • Ministry of Education 150 containers
  • Ministry of Mines 12 containers and 6 air shipments
  • NGO's (Relief Goods) 1477 containers and 26 air shipments
  • UN Agencies 122 Containers, 85 vehicles and 43 air shipments


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